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This is a #Ronin magnetically mounted on a fridge because every fridge should have it’s own gimbal! RIGHT?!

@paul You... You mean... There are fridges *WITHOUT* their own gimbal??!!


@VoronoV @ParadeGrotesque @tom you can never have enough of them! One at the top and on each side is optimal!

@VoronoV @paul @tom

Wait, does that mean you have *two* fridges without gimbal or two gimbals on your one fridge??

I am confused now.

@ParadeGrotesque @VoronoV @tom two gimbals I hope else I will have to call the police 😑

@ParadeGrotesque @VoronoV @tom yeah gimbal-less fridges are turning into a real problem! I read an article the other day where someone placed his drink on the fridge it then fell of hit the person on the head and he died...

@paul @ParadeGrotesque @tom
I meant two on each sides.
Four on the front side, in fact. Two doors, four gimbals.
The best two are on the rear, so useful.