> there’s a huge gap between promise and reality. It seems that blockchain sounds best in a PowerPoint slide. Most blockchain projects don’t make it past a press release, an inventory by Bloomberg showed.

> Carrying out a payment with Visa requires about 0.002 kilowatt-hours; the same payment with bitcoin uses up 906 kilowatt-hours, more than half a million times as much, and enough to power a two-person household for about three months.

> “I work with code, so people see me as a magician,” he said proudly. It was always rather surprising to him – a magician? He spends half his time yelling at his screen in frustration, while he programmes strips of duct tape to repair creaky PHP script from years and years ago.

@joachim @alc
This anti-#bitcoin #rhetoric has been debunked. The original #DeVries report was rolled out in the mainstream without any proper scruitiny.

#CambridgeUniversity estimates show that it uses 17% of the energy used to boil kettles globally, if everyone on the planet boiled kettles like a Briton.

Would you like to start a war on tea, mate?

#warOnTea #howMuchEnergyWouldYouDevoteToSecuringYourAssets #renewableEnery #deleteKettles #boycottTea #sustainability #dollarHegemony #dollarWars

@joachim wow, that is a fairly cutting article. There were a couple of good critiques of blockchain in the 2017 book 'Ours to Hack and to Own', and a couple of writers in defence of it.

The energy consumption is shocking though, both on the mining side and on the data exchange, for something that has a strange, inflated value.

@joachim nice reddit post. little more perspective but on Monero. It's bad and no question needs to be fixed, but there are worse things humans do to this planet. Take Plandemic as #1. People manslaughtered by govt unconstitutional lockdowns.And still counting, why bother stopping fascism?...

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