The El Paso Shooter Embraced Eco-Fascism. We Can’t Let the Far Right Co-Opt the Environmental Struggle.

> Bold climate policies (…) and even bolder challenges to capitalist production in the name of climate justice, must include a commitment to the free movement of people, especially on the part of countries (…) that bear vast responsibility for global climate degradation.

> The generic environmentalist discourse (…) all too easily ignores that climate decimation will not happen to everyone at once. The eco-fascist openly supports the genocide of environmental degradation’s front-line victims.

> The politicians in the “global north” who refuse to open borders to refugees might decry the massacre in El Paso, but in the face of mass, climate-fueled migration, the consequences of closed-border policies will be more murderous than any number of eco-fascists with assault rifles.

La conclusion de cet article est à mettre en parallèle avec ce qui se passe actuellement en Méditerranée, où l'Europe assassine (en laissant mourir) des humains en exil.

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