I just found a live, soundboard recording of
JACK WHITE (JACK AND THE BRICKS) - The Gold Dollar Detroit, MI - SEP 16, 1999

I think this may have gotten a vault release at some point, but I found it through a service called Nugs.

It opens with Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, which opens with Brendan Benson on vocals. Jack takes over pretty quickly, but it's still a really neat moment.

I really need to get a digital in on my home stereo.

@Hiker @VoronoV I think they're charging more for the FLAC download because of the additional bandwidth (or, at least, that's how they explain it.)

I'm already paying my ISP for the bandwidth πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Is FLAC more expensive because it requires more CPU power than MP3 to convert from CD or WAV ? Is it because better quality for wealthy people ? Why CD version so expensive ?
I can get a Blu Ray Audio version of Crime of the Century for 20€ and it's in LPCM 192kHz, 24-bit !
Why not writing under the price "We are broke so our server is slow so you have to pay more" ?



@VoronoV @Hiker The website has to pay for the bandwidth too, but it's probably just a matter of having something they can charge more for.

@VoronoV Analogue is certainly even more expensive πŸ˜‰ @ajroach42
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